Thursday, February 28, 2008

Steps to remember during tradeoff analysis

It is important for all software architects to be aware of conducting the tradeoff analysis on the "Non Functional Requirements" (NFRs). It is better to have a handy tradeoff guide available during the design phase.
The tradeoff guide could be built either based on one's own experience or by taking help from other architects/resources. It would be good, if the guide covers most of the architecture principles and the non functional requirements (also called -ilities)

I would recommend following steps while doing tradeoff analysis
  • Understand the customer's requirement and convert it into SMART objective
  • Prioritize the requirements (NFRs) by having continuous collaboration with the customer
  • Finally, using the tradeoff analysis guide, recommend the final design and educate the customer about the impact of the design on the priorities.

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